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free zig zag puzzles

The description of Zig Zag Animals Puzzle HD App

The name is itself quite explorative. Any ardent game lover would hit a download button at least for this catchy name ‘Zig Zag Animals’. Not only the name but also the game is catchy.

‘Zig Zag Animals’ is all about a game lover like you playing the role of different animal avatars in a criss-cross path. The first avatar you choose will be the Deer. As the deer travel through this zig-zag puzzle path and wins diamonds, you will be able to purchase the next avatar of animals. This path is designed the way it is to hold the attention of the gamers. If you miss your focus, your animal will be off the path. You tend to lose the game.

This ‘Zig Zag Animals’ game will give you rewards as well as fines. The game is inspired from ‘Criss-Cross Puzzles’ which we had played during our childhood. If you are looking for a game that reminds of your childhood, then this zigzag puzzle entertainer will be the right pick.

This atom that is vented out from the explosion of games, is expected to cause a massive construction of your mental focus. The zigzag puzzle you experience is targeted at improving your cognitive power.

Games were played in olden days to serve the above-mentioned purpose primarily. As technology has taken a leap, this zigzag puzzle is trying to give the outstanding to the games lovers.

We are all in an era where our mobile phone size exceeds our pockets. Your mobile phone is peeping out of your pocket now. And what are you waiting for? Download and Try this new zig-zag puzzle game. The game will kick your excitement undoubtedly.

free zig zag puzzles Description

Zig Zag Animals Puzzle HD 1.0 APK download for Android. ‘Zig Zag Animals’ - Interesting journey of animal avatar in a criss-cross path.

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